Zenna Broomer

Zenna Broomer, born in England, lives in Princeton NJ.

A graduate of Wolverhampton University of Fine Art & Design. She studied under Harry Turner of the Royal London Academy, a Professor who insisted in the importance of drawing from nature & emphasized the disciplines of Cezanne. Her work has evolved slowly from realism to abstraction.

Zenna has exhibited internationally and her work is in both museums and private collections.

‘’Her paintings reflect the disconcerting displacement of tranquility. It is as if she wanted her paintings to reflect the shifting movement of life & time.’’

~ Wally Barnette of Gallery 31

‘’It is a gray toned oil on panel strung with wires, a rectangular grid of gray paint with touches of blue & yellow, suggesting street lights & flashing signs. It’s a kind of tonal associative Cityscape poem, completely evocative of moving through a city street on a rainy wintery day, yet entirely idiosyncratic at the same time. Only somebody like Broomer, who has toyed with & played with paint for a very long time might ever have made such a thing.’’

~ Dan Bischoff, the Art Critic of the New Jersey Star Ledger, on her painting, ’Edison’