Entrance to the Louvre

Loss of a Child “Despair”

Birth of a Child

NJT Warning Sign

The Pulaski Skyway

Across the Meadowlands

The Great Wall Of China

Abandoned Factory

Bayonne Parking Lot

The Holland Tunnel

Sixth Ave & 58th Street

Crossing Over 5th Ave

St.Thomas’s Church 5th Ave

Louis Vuitton NYC

The Apple Store NYC

Lexington Avenue

South China Seas

Port Sanfrancisco

Steuart Street SFO

42nd St. Post Office Steppes

Soviet Housing Blocks

Valparaiso – Paris

Avenue de Serbie Paris

Rue Marbeuf Paris

Thanksgiving Parade

Wall Street Parade

Rose Window The Duomo

Mount Rose Distillery

Cranbury Soda Shop

Pansies Still Life

Chao Phraya River

Cross Bronx Expressway

Broadway & 46th St.

Garden State Parkway

Construction SFO

The Sewing Machine Table

Beijing City Street

Steuart & Market Street SFO

Port of San Francico

NJ Turnpike – Warning Sign

Exercising Six Feet Apart



Obelisk ‘Place De La Concorde’

Parisian Obelisk

Hieroglyphics Set Free

Weifang Road Shanghai

Tunnel to Pudong

Tokyo Intersection

The Refineries, Linden

SFO. Street Music

Pulaski Geometric

Market & Steuart St.

Empty Lot, Bayonne

Plastic & Paper Landscape

Dongfang Road Pudong

Shanghai Yang Ying Junior School

Shanghai Yang Ying School Morning Exercises

Shanghai Yang Ying School Afternoon Exercises

Shanghai Yangying School Morning Exercises

Shanghai Yang Ying School Evening Exercises

Shanghai Yang Ying School Playground

The Tuileries Paris

The High Wheeler

The High Wheeler #1

Flemington Speedway

Grand Central Station

Smoking Outside The Met

Model Boat pond Central Park

Entrance to the Met

Factory Interior 1985

Derilect Factory

Weehawken Lipton Tea Building

Empty Net Baker Rink

The Refineries AM

Moonlight Refineries

After Mondrian #3

After Mondrian #2